Four Rivers Health Care History and Milestones

In the course of a year, we log over 1,100 client visits and see over 500 individual patients. Many patients are referred out to medical specialists and seen for free or reduced rates by these specialists. We have several doctors who regularly see patients with eye and dental issues for free or at a reduced rate at their private practices. These are services not currently available at the free clinic.

Community professional and non-professional volunteers give over 6,000 hours each year to the free clinic. This volume of time reflects the regular support that has grown since our inception.

Providing medicine for patients, who would not otherwise afford medications, has always been a primary goal. Our data indicates that we provided over 1500 individuals with medicines free. How do we do this? Four Rivers Health Care partners with Bi-Mart Pharmacy to supply medication to us at wholesale prices. We receive sample medications from drug representatives and local doctors’ offices. We help patients get free medication through the Needy Meds program by assisting them in filling out application to receive needed medications for up to a year. We also utilize the $4.00 generic drug program that Wal-Mart started a number of years ago. If a patient can afford a generic prescription they are more than willing to pay for it. If they are unable to pay, we figure out how to meet their medication need.

The free clinic operated out of the Stark Medical clinic beginning in 1999. Keeping the free clinic operation separate from the Stark Clinic was always a challenge, especially to the clients.

In 2006 Four Rivers Health Care Free Clinic was given the use of Doctor Bill’s office at 640 SW 4th Avenue in Ontario, Oregon. Our only costs are the utilities and insurance. This has greatly helped us recruit more health care volunteers and staff, as well as to expand our services.

In 2007 Begin offering mental and diabetes health care counseling.

In 2008 we were able do X Rays at the clinic.

2010 Establishment of Community Building Supply.

Grants Received:

Clara Barton AmeriCorps Vista Volunteer

Harney – Malheur Community Action Agency

Heinz Corporation


Rebbekah Lodge

Thrivent for Lutherans

Wells Fargo

Bank of the Cascades

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