What are the environmental benefits of Community Building Supply?

Community Building Supply, a project of Four Rivers Health Care will divert tons of reusable building materials from landfills each day. The entire construction process — from the raising of a new structure to the tearing down of an old building to make way for a new one — can generate a lot of waste. Approximately 33 percent of the waste that goes into the landfill is construction waste — much of this waste still has a useful life.  A solution to this problem is to recycle. Besides saving money, buying used goods or reusing materials we already own is an effective way to reduce waste and fight global warming. The production of new goods has a big environmental impact. Lots of resources and energy are used to extract or harvest raw materials, then to refine, process, manufacture, market and distribute the things they are made into. All those steps produce the greenhouse gases associated with global warming. Using salvaged materials helps avoid those impacts. Reusing is a creative, fun, and cost effective way to reduce your environmental footprint.

How does Community Building Supply benefit the local economy?

Community Building Supply serves the Tri County Area (Malheur, Payette, Washington) contributing to the community’s economic and social vitality.

Will Community Building Supply donate materials to community building projects?

Community Building Supply will make donations of used building materials to other community and non-profit groups seeking materials for projects or to assist people in need. Click here for our Donation Request Guidelines.

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